Saturday, September 8, 2012

Writers Who Improve Their Skills

Too many writers refuse to invest time in improving their writing skills. Some lack the desire to learn new things about writing. Others don't think they need to. One even told me she thought that reading about writing might hinder her flow or make her feel insecure.

Writing is a craft, no matter how talented the writer is, and the best writers constantly work toward improving their craft. Any type of information available that provides knowledge necessary to improve your craft, whether it be books on writing, advice from a writer/editor, workshops, classes, conferences, etc.--can take your writing to another level no matter what stage of the game you're in.

I love reading books on writing. They have taught me how to think more systematically as I write and break down every component of my story to give each the care that it needs, whether it be plot structure, character development, scene building, dialogue, etc. There is so much more to a developing good book than just writing alone. The wisdom I have gained from reading books on writing is knowledge that I otherwise would not have learned had I continued to believe that good writing only comes from within.

Indeed good writing comes from within, but there is an art to writing well, and a wise writer realizes that it must be learned.

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